To end a tradition

April 19, 2015 (TBD) will be the final hike picnic to Skarins” primitive”, 100 year old cabin in Big Santa Anita Canyon, Chantry Flat, in the Angeles Forest.. God has blessed the many parties over many years including Girl Scout celebrations, youth choir overnights, women’s overnights, and so many more.

After worship, carpooling is the best way to make the trip to the trailhead. From the church, the route is on the #210 freeway, toward Pasadena, about 27 miles. At Santa Anita Avenue make the left turn toward the hills Parking is at a premium at Chantry Flat, which is highly used each weekend. The $10.00 fee at the Pack Station parking lot may be subsidized. but must be reserved.

Each person must bring a picnic lunch, drinking water, insect repellant, sturdy shoes and a light wrap. Please, a clothing change for the children. The stream is small,but running. A BBQ fire will be available for small items to cook.

Please,let us know if you plan to join the festivities–hiking and eating!

See Miriam for details. Maps will be available.

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